I am Venezuelan, born in Caracas in 1986. I graduated as an Industrial Designer from the Instituto de Diseño in Caracas. Since I was small, I’ve always had a passion for problem-solving, creating and innovating solutions which were different from the norm. I’ve always been passionate about nautical design and furniture design. To work as part of a team is a great approach, since ideas can be shared and solutions developed through the group’s members and good results are always achieved; although there are times where working alone is the best option. As far as work experience goes, I’ve spent a number of years in areas such as furniture design, interior design, POP material and Stands. My latest role was as Project Manager for an electric vehicle urban mobility company. Personally, I love nature, especially anything associated with mountains and beaches: activities like rock-climbing, hiking, camping, skiing, slalom, wakeboarding, because it is from nature that we can learn and take inspiration for all of our solutions and design. I’ll end with my motto: “Create, design, innovate and live for what you are passionate about”.