I’m from Russia, Moscow, born in 1990. I studied Advertising and Public Relations at National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow at the Faculty of Applied Political Sciences. This education along with various internships has provided me with valuable insights to the aspects presented in my current field of work. My biggest professional experience I gained while working at Interview Magazine Russia. Initially founded by Andy Warhol in the USA in 1969 Interview Magazine was brought to Europe in 2012 by the ex-president of Conde Nast New Markets. I had a great opportunity to witness the birth of the media project, as I joined it before the launch as an intern, and grew up along with it to the Marketing manager after three years. My daily work implied a lot of communication with different people from creative fields, networking, media planning, organizing events, preparing presentations, project reports and sponsorship package. In my line of work I also had to keep in touch with all key galleries and museums of modern art in Moscow. We frequently work in a team with some of them in terms of different special projects for the magazine. As for the future, I am seriously considering speciali